Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Miss It Already...

We spent a week in California and had a great time! Loved the weather and the beach!
The view from our room! Is that amazing or what? Will post more later...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Greatest Blessings...

I truly think one of my greatest accomplishments in life is being a mom. I'm certainly not a perfect mom and my children have most definitely challenged me beyond anything I could have ever imagined but I would not change it for anything! ( OK there are a FEW moments I could have lived without but that is how we learn-right?) I've always found it amazing that 3 children that were raised in the same house can be SO different! It sure has kept us on our toes but it makes life more fun!

I decided this year that now that my kids are older that Mother's Day is overrated. The cute little homemade gifts are a thing of the past and there are no missionaries serving for me to anticipate "the phone call".

Don't get me wrong- I love my kids with my entire being but I've not yet mastered how to not get my feelings hurt. I did get a "Happy Mother's Day" text from Kami who was puking and couldn't make it to our Mother's Day dinner at my Brother in Law's house. I also got a little side hug from Cory after I reminded him it was mother's day and didn't I at least get a hug.

I don't mean to sound ungrateful-it's just different than it was when they were so excited to give you their handprints on cardstock or make you breakfast in bed or read my favorite Love you forever book with them. I will tell you that they have all agreed to help paint my front room as a Mother's Day gift and that TRULY will be a wonderful gift. But ya know- it's not about the gifts- I just want to spend time with my kids and know that they love me in spite of the mistakes I've made along the way. A card with an I Love You or a letter scores big time points with me. Things that don't cost money and are done from the heart.

I do want my kids to know how much I love each one of them. Being their mom is truly an honor!

Friday, May 1, 2009

So glad it's May!

Where in the world did April go to? I must admit though I'm glad it is May for at least ONE reason. I got to change the picture on my calendar. This is what I looked at every day in April.

Kinda creepy little guy isn't he? Now I get to look at this for a month....

Much better don't you think? Happy May!