Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!!?! what a start...

Well, our New Years started out with a bang-LITERALLY! We were actually quite the party poopers and were in bed asleep by 11:30 but were woken up to the typical poppers, noise makers and fireworks from the partying neighbors. Around 12:15 we started hearing really loud explosions and after a few it sounded like someone threw a handful of gravel at our bedroom window (on the 2nd floor). The next thing we knew someone was banging on our door- our BACK door!

Apparently, someone in the neighborhood had some seriously strong fireworks and something landed in our yard and it caught on fire. By the time we got downstairs 2 neighbors that saw the explosion had hopped the fence and were hosing down the fire in our backyard.

What a way to start of the New Year!