Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pay it Forward...

My sister in law Bren posted this contest and I'm all over it! You are supposed to pay it forward if you are the winner but I wanted to do it anyway-regardless of whether she draws me or not! This is a way cute contest. We all need a little reminder to do something nice for someone else every once in awhile. So- here's your opportunity...

All you do is leave a comment on my blog (to this post) and you are entered. I will draw 3 names from all the comments and mail you a surprise-something I made from the heart. If you are one of the winners, you need to then do this same contest on YOUR blog - draw 3 names and send them something (bought or handmade), and so on. In other words….Pay it forward! Does this make sense?
I will draw a winner on Monday, August 4th, 2008 and announce the winners that day!. There will be 3 winners. If you are one of the 3 winners, you are responsible for keeping this contest going. If you do not win it doesn't mean I don't love you and feel free to carry on this contest—win or lose.
Only catch? You must have a blog.

Friday, July 25, 2008

SYTYCD--- I'm SO disappointed!

Ok- laugh at me if you want but my son's girlfriend has got me hooked on "So you think you can dance." We watch it together almost every week (much to my son's dismay I might add!) Anyway, I really don't get too involved in the realty shows but I do watch American Idol faithfully and now this is my second season watching So you think you can dance. Oh yeah- and then there is Dancing with the Stars! LOL Hmmmm...maybe I get more involved than I think. :)

Now I realize that leaving the voting on these shows up to the public rarely gives us the results we expect but last night I was SO upset when Will was voted off! He is such an amazing dancer and I was so mad! Alyssa and I claimed we may not even watch anymore (although I'm sure we will break down) But, GRRRRRRRR I was upset!

Anyway, just had to vent and get it out of my system! I'm good now! :) Anybody else out there watch the show?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I've been tagged!

Well, My sister in law tagged me and I'm supposed to list 6 qualities about myself and tag 6 more blogger friends. Well, I just started blogging so I don't have that many people that read my blog YET. But, I WILL go ahead and share my list.
1. Creative
2. Dependable
3. Tender-hearted
4. Detail oriented
5. Friendly
6. Loyal

I'm not sure if anyone will disagree with these but if you do...let me know!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What's going on here today...

Here is a survey I found on someone else's blog about what is going on here today. Want to share your day?

Outside my window: there is a constant stream of students walking to class. I love my job! (I work at a University and frequently play mom to a lot of the students)

I am thinking: I have so many things I want to get done at home and wish I wasn't at work!

I am thankful: For my hubby who lined up a carpet cleaner to clean my carpets today! What a nice surprise!!!!!!

In my kitchen: Is all the furniture from my family room so they can clean the carpets! Funny thing- Cory slept on the couch last night(which is in the middle of the kitchen) It was a funny site this morning.

I am creating: A special anniversary gift for my daughter and her husband for their first anniversary that is coming up.

I am working on: Organizing my house and being better about planning menus again.

I am wearing: My black dress with red flowers with a short sleeve red jacket. As always, my shoes are hiding under my desk until I have to leave my office.

I am reading:I just finished reading Rachel Nunes's newest book- Fields of Home. LOVED IT!!!!

I am hearing: My radio-hoping they will call my name as a winner of a trip to Disneyland! LOL- (yeah- I know- Fat chance!)

Out of the house: Kami and Vaughn are working on moving next weekend. Keep your fingers crossed! Happy Happy Day!

In my house: Guitar Hero is probably blaring right about now!

I am enjoying: The Air Conditioning

Monday, July 21, 2008

A few "notes" of sadness

I never realized how much my piano meant to me. But now that it has a new home with little fingers learning how to play songs on it I find myself really missing it.

I made a deal with all the MEN in my house that I should have thought through a little better! Around Christmas time all the boys in my house decided that they REALLY wanted a pool table. I had no objections to a pool table. I enjoy my boys' friends and thought it would be fun for them. I knew my husband would enjoy having something to do with the kids too. The problem was that we really didn't have room for a pool table unless we took the formal furniture and piano out of the front room. I didn't think I really played my piano all that much- usually only to accompany people that are singing in church and I can practice with them at the church for that. Right? So...the pool table came and the piano went on Craig's list and was gone pretty quickly. I actually cried when we moved it into the garage! We tried to find another place in the house for it to go but there wasn't anywhere that worked. I still look through all my music that seems pointless without a piano to play it on.

Needless to say I am realizing how often I would just go and sit at my piano and play when I was home by myself or stressed out. It calmed me. Maybe I need to take up knitting or something. Or practice harder at pool so other people don't mind playing with me. Oh how I miss my piano!

Friday, July 18, 2008

My hard workin' man!

The other day Rod read my blog and later made a comment that it seemed like my kids were most important in my life because almost everything I had written about was someone other than him! I felt really bad because I didn't mean to exclude him-the timing was just that everyone was having events in their life that I was commenting on and it just wasn't his turn yet!

Well, I realized that it was pretty important that he knows how important he is to me! He is such a hard worker! Lately it seems like that is all he has a chance to do. His phone rings constantly but I'm so grateful that he works hard for us and want him to know how much I appreciate that. He has been self employed most of our married life and that can be challenging. Never did he allow us to get in a situation where we were in trouble financially. He always managed to make things work. Sometimes it seems like his brain never turns off because he is always coming up with some new idea to improve something.

We have had our ups and downs and I want him to know that no matter what I love him and appreciate all that he does for me and our family!!!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Is the grass greener?

Life is not always easy!!!! It seems like as soon as I decide to settle for the way my life is- something happens to make me realize that I need to do something to make things better. I read a quote the other day that said "The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence-it's greener where you water it." That really made me stop and think. When we get frustrated with life the way it is and feel like we have just had enough maybe we just need to "water the grass". It's easy to blame others for our misery but if we truly want to be happy we need to spend our time serving and showing love to those around us. I'm so far from perfect and I don't always do or say things the way I should. I'm extremely emotional and passionate and I tend to say what I am thinking- even when I shouldn't. I need to work on that. It's not easy for me! I look at people that think life will be better if they get out of the relationships they are in and it makes me sad! How many families are torn apart because of selfishness? I love this new theory of the "grass is greener where you water it"! Guess it is time to get out the hose and start working on that! :)