Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Excuse me-did you say SENIOR?

So, the time has now come when I can officially tell my husband that he is old. He didn't have another birthday but apparently when you are 49 and 1 day old you qualify to play in the SENIOR division for softball. They have a 50 plus league. Well, last weekend we went to St. George, Utah for his first Senior tournament. I think it was really good for his ego. (OK- his ego really didn't need a boost in ANY way when it comes to softball but still...) Since he was the youngest on the team- (I think the oldest was at least 65) he was back in the outfield where he hasn't played in years. They told him, "You may be a pitcher but you won't be touching the mound- we need someone with speed in the outfield". He ran and ran and ran some more. Everytime they needed a runner (which trust me was a LOT) he was the one to run. He knocked it out of the park 9 times! Like I said- maybe a little too much for his ego- but he had a great time. I think psychologically he has always felt OLD on the other teams because they were all so much younger and now he feels like a teenager again. Anyone that knows him knows that he ACTS like one already so now he can feel young too!

I will add that it was nice to have one of the other wives say, "I don't mean to be rude but how old ARE you?" and when I told her I was 46 she told me her daughter was 41. So I guess it did MY ego a little good too!

It was great to getaway for the weekend -even if we didn't do much more than drive, eat and sit at the ballfields.

Monday, March 16, 2009

She's Home...AGAIN!

Sorry I have really been bad about updating. Things have been a little crazy! Kami got released from the hospital on Wednesday night. She's supposed to be taking it easy but it was Vaughn's birthday on Friday so she did a little more than she should have. I'm not sure when she will go back to work but for now she is at least able to sleep in her own bed. Her hubby has been GREAT this time around- poor guy! He's taking good care of her and chewing her out when she over does it! :) Apparently the key to keeping her out of the hospital is to keep her out of stressful situations. Yeah- ok! That sounds easy but do you know my daughter? HA HA! The Addison's disease is brought on by stress and then her body starts shutting down and the pancreatitis comes back- (if it ever even went away)

Thanks to everyone for their prayers!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Here We Go Again!

My daughter Kami is in the hospital again. Would someone please let her know that this is not a high class resort? She can spend a lot less and be a lot more comfortable elsewhere~
The doctors say that it looks like the early stages of pancreatitis-AGAIN! She was also diagnosed with Addison's disease during her last stay at the hospital which they believe could have contributed to the symptoms that she had with the first round of pancreatitis. You can read about Addison's disease here but basically it is when a person's body doesn't produce enough cortisol. It can cause low blood pressure, dehydration, nausea and vomiting... (sounding familiar to anyone that followed her story previously?) The nurse today told her that she couldn't believe that they didn't put a stent in her bile duct the last time she was there to help prevent the pancreatitis from coming back. Sometimes it gets SO frustrating!!!! Hopefully since they know what it is this time around it won't get so out of control.

Keep her in your prayers...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

Well, it's that time again and since I haven't been very good at posting I thought I had better at least do my Thankful Thursday!

I'm thankful that we have had a relatively peaceful week.

I'm thankful that my body is finally taking me seriously and letting my hard work start to pay off!

I'm thankful for my ipod! Walking is so much more fun with music!!!!

I'm thankful for my friends-I've been detatched more than normal and it makes me happy to know that it doesn't matter- they still love me!

I'm thankful that even though sometimes our kids make stupid mistakes that somehow we still love them!

What are you thankful for?