Friday, October 17, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

This post is a little belated! As you know, I was a little side-tracked and stressed out for awhile waiting for the results of my breast biopsy. So- I will catch you up. Two weekends ago Rod and I went to Las Vegas for a softball tournament. The boys went to Utah for Matt's mission reunion so I didn't have to worry about what was going on at the house while we were gone. It seems like this is only the 2nd time that Rod and I have been away together in at least 7 years by ourselves. (If a softball tournament can be considered "by ourselves") I went with no expectations of having any "alone" time and was pleasantly surprised that we got a couple opportunities even though we did spend a lot of time at ballgames.

My incredible husband-he can still play as good or better than the young guys!

One night we went to the new Wynn hotel for dinner and to just wander around. They have some crazy expensive stores there! I always wonder who really buys that stuff? I mean, seriously? They had a cell phone for $40,000!!!! I had to send Kami a picture of it and ask her if she thought they would replace it for $50 through her insurance like they do with the one she has! She is SO Hard on her phones!

Saturday, we got to meet up with my brother, Barry and his family.

These are pictures of my nieces with Rod taken at lunch.They insisted on him sitting between them! Too cute! Uncle Rod is CRAZY!!!!
Josie, Rod and Cozette

Sunday morning we found out that conference wasn't on in our hotel room (good thing we recorded it) so we went to the Belagio and ate at their Brunch buffet. Oh my gosh- I didn't have to eat the rest of the day! Good thing- it was $25 per person! It was so good though and fun since we never splurge to do things like that! Then we wandered around the strip for a little while before we drove home.

These pictures are at the Belagio...

It was nice to getaway! I'm not much of a Vegas fan but I'm glad we got a chance to be together. We really needed it! Boy you can catch up on a lot of things during a 5 hour drive!!!!!


Suzzy Rice aka Grammy Gingerbread said...

You know,I have been to Vegas four times and have never been to the strip at all (of course, I have something better to grandbabies live there! We are going in 2 weeks for their primary program, but I want to get to see their Dept 56 store...Ethan says the displays are just the best! Glad you got some alone time together! You two look so great!

Bren's Life said...

I heard there's a M7M factory there & a Coke factory.. Heck that's where I'd want to be. Hopefull they have Dr. Pepper with the coke..
Troy & I haven't been to vegas in over 16 yrs. Not even a road trip through..

Jan said...

I love all the pictures. I have heard that Vegas is a great place to go. I have only been through there briefly. Glad you could get a way.