Friday, February 20, 2009

A New View

For Christmas I got this cool bird feeder that hangs on the outside of my office window. These pictures are not that great but it's the best I could do- the little guys kept moving! It has been so fun seeing so many different birds come to have a snack. I cannot believe how much bird seed I go through in a week!

Sometimes I have up to 6 or more birds fighting to get to the food. I have named one of them Marvin. He is a very strange looking bird and I can always pick him out of a crowd. I named him Marvin after "Messy Marvin" because he gets in the food and just flings it all over the place and makes a mess. Guess I'm a pretty cheap date but this has really been entertaining for everyone in my office. We've decided we are going to have to start Weight Watchers for the birds cuz they eat ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!


Bren's Life said...

How cute! I was trying to figure out where that picture was taken. But now I get it..