Monday, March 16, 2009

She's Home...AGAIN!

Sorry I have really been bad about updating. Things have been a little crazy! Kami got released from the hospital on Wednesday night. She's supposed to be taking it easy but it was Vaughn's birthday on Friday so she did a little more than she should have. I'm not sure when she will go back to work but for now she is at least able to sleep in her own bed. Her hubby has been GREAT this time around- poor guy! He's taking good care of her and chewing her out when she over does it! :) Apparently the key to keeping her out of the hospital is to keep her out of stressful situations. Yeah- ok! That sounds easy but do you know my daughter? HA HA! The Addison's disease is brought on by stress and then her body starts shutting down and the pancreatitis comes back- (if it ever even went away)

Thanks to everyone for their prayers!


Bren's Life said...

Sheesh that girl of yours!!! Glas she's out of the hospital. Hope she can get back to normal & work & whatever...