Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Catching up...

I've decided to TRY and catch up a bit on my blog. We've been pretty busy so far this summer. I mentioned that we went to California a month ago. We went to Disneyland one of the days-it's what Kami wanted to do for her birthday (even tho we didn't get to go on her ACTUAL birthday cuz we wanted Alyssa to go) This was one of very few group shots we got on the trip-of course it was at the end of the day when everyone was hot and tired. Most everyone was smiling-it is the "Happiest place on earth" ya know!

We did have a great time and since Disneyland is having their "Year of Celebrations" we celebrated Kami and Cory's birthdays and Alyssa's graduation from ASU. They got to wear buttons all day and it was pretty funny how many people stopped them to wish them Happy Birthday although Alyssa felt a little left out cuz not so many congratulated her on her graduation. Oh well...we're proud of her!

It was great to have all the kids on vacation with us and we had a good time!


Bren's Life said...

That's cool that they got to wear buttons. Did they have to give them back or did they get to keep them?

Valerie said...

Even if it was the end of the day, it's a great pic of you guys.