Sunday, December 20, 2009

Be Your Best sELF!!!!!

Our Annual Gibson Family Christmas Party was last weekend. Our theme was "Be your Best sELF" We had good food and good times. Everyone got something "elfy" to keep as a momento of this year's theme. Thanks to Scott for sharing his house with all of us. We were missing 2 of Brenda's family this year. Tyler was sick (thanks to his mom passing it on to him) so Troy stayed home with him. Just not the same when we are missing someone.

Allie and the elf she made (with a little help from Alyssa)

My favorite picture... Crazy Charly!

Kami Elf

Nana & Papa (aka Pat and Nolan)

Scott and his boys-

Brenda, Allie, Charly and Josh

Our crazy family
Kami and Vaughn

Matt & Miss Alyssa


Tawnya said...

What a wonderful family...loved the pics. I saw you at the mall, and didn't realize it was you until we passed... That means it has been toooo lloooooonnnggggg.

Susan said...

The elf idea was so cute! Great way to put a fun theme to the family gathering. I loved the photos, am still smiling to myself. Thanks for sharing. (I stumbled in here with the "next blog" feature and glad I did)