Thursday, June 5, 2008

18 things we love about Cory...

Well, it's Cory's 18th birthday! I can't believe all my kids are adults now! Man, Im too young for this! :) In honor of Cory's birthday I wanted to post 18 things we love about Cory...
1. His fun sense of humor
2. He is not afraid to be unique
3. He is amazing when it comes to figuring things out or fixing things
4. He stays close to his brother and sister
5. He can kick just about anyone's butt on Guitar Hero
6. He hasn't crashed on his long board (not yet anyway!)
7. He is amazing with kids and they love to be around him
8. His quick comebacks
9. He LOVES to sleep
10. He is good at getting tickets (thankfully that has slowed down!)
11. He is ALWAYS hungry! (ok-not sure #10 and 11 are good things but...)
12. He is almost always happy
13. He is good at flipping his hair back(this was Kami's contribution to the list)
14. He will still come and lay on my bed and talk to me IF I will rub his back
15. He has lots of friends
16. He has really Cool PINK rims on his car- YUP- I said PINK (refer to reason #2)
17. He is good at basketball
18. He is a great big goofball!
He has always made life more fun in our family and I want him to know how much he is loved! Have a great birthday Bud! I love you!


Bren's Life said...

Yep- it's official. Your growing up Kathy! Sheesh all your kids are growing up. At least I'm still young since I still have one in pull ups!!!
Happy Birthday Cory! Have him check out my blog!