Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just a stitch or two!

Yesterday, Kami had surgery. So many people have called to check on her so I thought I would post a little update. After several years of migraines and several months of ear and face pain, the Doctors finally found what they hope is the reason for alot of her pain. After a CT scan it was found that she had substantial calcifications on the nerves and ligaments on the left side of her neck. They believe that this is caused by trauma. Hmmm....knowing Kami the way that we do that is a "no brainer". Anyway, they planned on cutting down a small bone at the base of her skull called the styloid process and removing the calcification from the ligaments and nerves. Once they got in there they decided that it wasn't the styloid process after all that was causing the problems but a ligament that was about an inch and 1/2 long. When they removed it they said it was as hard as a rock. (not pliable like it should be) So, the Dr. is pretty convinced that having something comparable to a rock in her neck is the culprit of the problems. We are keeping our fingers crossed! She went in to surgery with a migraine and came out without one so that is a good sign. Usually pain medicine doesn't help her migraines so we know it wasn't just because she was on pain meds.

The really good news is that the incision is much smaller than she had first been told- that was a huge relief! She will be out of work for a week or two recovering. Even though it doesn't look so bad on the outside I guess the inside is pretty swollen from digging around in there. I'n going to kidnap her for a couple days while her hubby is at work. We're planning on catching up on lots of movies this week!


Bren's Life said...

That looks better then I was thinking too... I gotta see her hair. It's so short. I wish I could of glued her hair onto my head!
I'm glad she's recovering good.