Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

I can't believe it has been a year since my daughter and son in law got married! Life sure seems a lot calmer than it did back then! We had a missionary return and a wedding all in a 2 week span. Not to mention my father in law was in the hospital and I managed to have a surprise pregnancy and miscarriage. Yes, life is MUCH calmer now!

These newlyweds have had an interesting first year but I know that they will be stronger because of the challenges that they have faced. I'm going to give a few words of wisdom for them here (can't get in trouble when you write it)
1. Always put each other FIRST
2. Listen to each other and be willing to compromise
3. Don't cut each other down- even to other people
4. Pray together daily
5. Go to the temple often
6. Date night is a must!
7. Keep the sparks alive
8. Live within your budget!
9. Stay close to your Heavenly Father
10.Grandchildren welcome! :)

I wish you magical years ahead of you. Stay close to each other!


Jan said...

Beautiful and Happy Anniversary to your lovely couple of cuties..

Annie Miller said...

Wow! That did go by fast. You have had a very busy year. Those pictures turned out awesome!

Karla Olofson said...

How can it be a year?? just where does the time go. I love the pictures.