Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ok- so funny story!!!!

My apologies everyone! Remember my post on my son's skateboard wipe out? Well, story stands true aren't of him. ROFLOL!!!!! When I found the pictures on the computer I was frustrated because I had been asking him to send me pictures so that I could post them on my blog. He had sent me one on his phone but it didn't turn out so good so I never posted. Then last night I found these pictures and assumed they were of his wipe out. But this morning I was looking more carefully and remembered his wreck was at night and he doesn't keep his keys on his belt loop AND he is much TANNER than in the picture. HMMMM.... guess what? One of Cory's friends had a wipe out too and those were HIS pictures! Too funny! Anyway, you can still feel sorry for Matt and the picture with the "paddle" at the bottom of the page really is of Matt.
Oh Boy- I really messed up good this time!


Jan said...

Hilarious Kathy. Well Cory sure had a lot of people on his side. Poor kid.

We all do funny things like that. Love it.

Karla said...

That is funny that you didn't know it wasn't your kid.