Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend getaway!

Rod and I managed to take a quick little getaway this weekend. Just an overnighter but I will take it! We definitely needed a little break. We went to Kohl's Ranch in Christopher Creek. There isn't much there so you are pretty much forced to spend time together which we needed! Even our phones didn't work up there so no interruptions! Here is a picture of the lodge:

Here is us just enjoying hanging out at the creek.

On our way there we passed this Adult Cabaret. We had to do a double take and on the way I just HAD to take a picture for you all to see. So I'm guessing the line "if you frequent a topless bar that has a COW on the sign- you might be a redneck" would be fitting! What do you think? We laughed so hard we had tears in our eyes! Who would have thunk it?


Bren's Life said...

How Awesome for the 2 of you to get away... Yeah!
Ok- that is just plan crazy that they would put a cow on top of a Strip club sign.. They must not be dealing with a full deck! You should send that in to the show Country Home videos.. That'd be just too funny!

Jan said...

How fun K. I think we all need to get away sometimes and just enjoy each other. The cow is hilarious. Utterly funny.

I got your pay it forward package. It is absolutely darling. Mattie and I were all over that thing. Thanks.