Monday, November 3, 2008

I Love Fall!!

This weekend I begged Rod to drive up North to see the fall leaves before it was too late! I really miss the changing colors in the Fall and the snow in the winter so I try to "visit" them at least once each year. We headed off for Sedona and Jerome just to get away. Unfortunately, we were a little too late. There were still some colored leaves but because they had a few "cold spells" a lot of the leaves were already gone. Bummer!
I did still get to lay by the creek for a little while (one of my very favorite places to be) at least until it started POURING rain! Loved it! :)

When we were in Jerome I saw the funniest thing and I am KICKING myself for not buying it. Someone had made these darling little voo-doo dolls with the Politician's pictures as the faces. They had little skull necklaces on and really were so cute! (I know it doesn't sound like it but they really were) There was a sign that said you would get your voo doo pins at the cashier. It was just such a funny thing. I'm not sure if a democrat made them because there were only Pallin and McCain dolls left OR if people were buying the Obama/Biden ones because they don't like them. Who knows?

Of course, not wanting to promote witchcraft and not really having a purpose for such a gift I left them there. On the way home I was thinking it would have been smart to buy one just as a collector's item or something. You know how political things can be worth money some day! Dang- by the time I realized I really wanted one of these things we were too far away and Rod wasn't going to turn around! I really wish I would have at least taken a picture so I could post it on here. They really were very clever!


Darcie said...

I love fall, too!! It's always been my favorite time of year - but living somewhere where the leaves change it's ever better!! We have trees here that are the brightest red, orange and yellow I've ever seen!! Amazing!
Sorry about the doll - that would have been a kick!! I hate it when I talk myself out of something and then want it down the road. Arghh!!

Dale and Nona said...

I wish we had leaves changing here as well!! I guess it is a trade off for the beautiful winters!! Glad you got to take a trip to see them. (I think today there are a lot of Obama dolls with pins in them).