Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Ironic that Thankful Thursday falls on Thanksgiving isn't it? I have much to be thankful for...

I'm thankful for awesome family and friends that take the time to let me know that they care about me.

I'm thankful that I have the gospel in my life and the gift of the Atonement so that we can be forgiven and also forgive others.

I'm thankful for my amazing kids who try not let me know that they love me but when I express to them that sometimes I need to hear it that they say "I love you mom! Duh!" (gotta love that Cory)

I'm thankful that I'm going to have a houseful of guests for Thanksgiving and I'm not stressing out about it.

I'm thankful that I love my inlaws- every last one of them. It makes life a lot easier.

I'm thankful for so many other things that my heart is just overflowing.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Bren's Life said...

Yeah - Didn't do my Thankful Thursday... Happy Happy Birthday! Hope your having a good night. I'm no farther on my Christmas then I was when I talked to you! Hope you had better luck!

dani said...

happy birthday, kathy!!!
i've come over from bren's; thank you for being such an incredible sister-in-law to my friend:)

Lene said...


Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Oma (Robyn) said...

Happy BIrthday Kathy. I am grateful for you. You are a wonderful friend and loved much.