Monday, December 22, 2008

Annual Gibson Family Party

Every year we have a Family Christmas party. Doesn't Rod look thrilled in this picture? Rod's parents started it the first year we were married and we haven't missed one since. That was 26 years ago! That's a lot of parties! Every year we have a theme. This year was Christmas Bells. I know- Not too original but after 26 years you start running out of ideas. The Gibson's aren't exactly musically inclined so I decided to try to instill a tiny bit of musical talent into them this year. We tried out some color coded hand bells and played a few Christmas songs. Surprisingly it turned out pretty good! At least we could recognize the songs!
After that, we decorated sugar cookies (shaped like bells of course) and everyone got a bell ornament to remind them of this year's party. Nana and Papa got each family bell door hangers too!
Vaughn and Kami
Papa and Nana
Devin, Jace,Shea and Brilon (we missed their Dad- Scott)
Tyler, Bren, Allie, Troy, Charly and Josh


Bren's Life said...

It was a Great time.. I really had fun & my kids loved the bells.. The girls talked about it yesterday..
And Allie is still caring her purse around. She sleeps with it & everything. The lip gloss is gone.. But boy did she have pretty lips all day yesterday!

Darcie said...

What a fun thing to do! I love family christmas parties. Scott's boys are so big! I saw him a long time ago at Home Depot and he had a couple of them with him, I think, but they were little guys! Has it really been that many years?? Woah! You all look great!!

Jan said...

How fun. It really is a great family you have.

I hope you have the best year ever.

Dale and Nona said...

I think the Bells idea is great. We have some bells, and some chimes that were made out of pipes (in different lengths for the notes) and we play them every year as well!!! It is the silly traditions that we really remember!!!