Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The SPT Challenge this week is JOY. For those of you that don't know my youngest son has been growing out his hair for a LONG time. I told him I would love it if he cut his hair as a birthday present to me (2 weeks ago). He told me I would have to wait for my birthday present until February then because that is when he would be cutting his hair. (That is when he will have to have his pictures taken for his mission) So, I decided not to bug him about it - I could be patient.

Well, to my surprise, he called Kami and asked if she would take him to get his hair cut. She didn't really have the money but she assured him I would pay her back. He asked how she knew I would and she just said "TRUST ME-SHE'LL PAY ME BACK!" So she jumped at the chance and they came to surprise me at work. I know it sound dumb but it made me SO happy! He looks so handsome now that I can see his eyes and he doesn't have to do that little hair flip thing he did every few minutes to keep it out of his eyes. I wish he would have done it ONE day sooner because we got our pictures taken the day before- Oh well!

Anyway- silly as it seems- this is my JOY for the week! (plus the fact that he is planning on getting his mission papers started in a few more weeks) LOVE that kid! He fought me over taking the picture so I didn't care that he was being a goof!


Stacie Aho said...

Oh, how sweet of him! That's really cute. I can't believe he's already getting his papers ready! Wow!

Jeanne said...

My sister is working on her mission papers right now. It's uber exciting. Yay for a haircut!

Jannicke said...

I am so excited for you. He looks SO GOOD. I felt the same way when I finally got Brian to cut his hair off a while back. It definitely is the small things that our kids do for us that makes our day.

Bren's Life said...

Wow! I can't believe he did it. I'm a week late at seeing this. But wow!!! Good for him. Glad he did it on his own. Allie will still play with his hair.