Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Excuse me-did you say SENIOR?

So, the time has now come when I can officially tell my husband that he is old. He didn't have another birthday but apparently when you are 49 and 1 day old you qualify to play in the SENIOR division for softball. They have a 50 plus league. Well, last weekend we went to St. George, Utah for his first Senior tournament. I think it was really good for his ego. (OK- his ego really didn't need a boost in ANY way when it comes to softball but still...) Since he was the youngest on the team- (I think the oldest was at least 65) he was back in the outfield where he hasn't played in years. They told him, "You may be a pitcher but you won't be touching the mound- we need someone with speed in the outfield". He ran and ran and ran some more. Everytime they needed a runner (which trust me was a LOT) he was the one to run. He knocked it out of the park 9 times! Like I said- maybe a little too much for his ego- but he had a great time. I think psychologically he has always felt OLD on the other teams because they were all so much younger and now he feels like a teenager again. Anyone that knows him knows that he ACTS like one already so now he can feel young too!

I will add that it was nice to have one of the other wives say, "I don't mean to be rude but how old ARE you?" and when I told her I was 46 she told me her daughter was 41. So I guess it did MY ego a little good too!

It was great to getaway for the weekend -even if we didn't do much more than drive, eat and sit at the ballfields.


Darcie said...

O.K., I just LOVE this!!! I think I will have to come and watch him play when I get to AZ. Do you always travel to other places or does he play in the valley sometimes? Give him a "High Five" for me!!

Bren's Life said...

I love how he is sticking his chest out in the team picture. So proud of himself! And if you didn't know his crazy hitting stance. You'd think he was a dork! Oh wait a minute he is a dork!
Glad you guys had fun. Nice to getaway!
Do you guys want to watch my kids for a weekend & we'll getaway too!!!!