Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mother's Day Memories

Since Mother's Day last week I have been thinking a lot. The past two years my Mother's Days were filled with excitement and anticipation to be able to talk to my missionary son. No gift could compare with being able to talk to him. I looked forward to it for weeks before the call came. He was really good about sending us emails every week and filling us in on what was going on but actually hearing his voice on the phone was such a treat! Everyone was anxious to talk to him and catch him up to date on home life but for me that was my Mother's Day gift!

Well, my missionary has been home almost a year now so I didn't get a phone call- he lives at home so I see him every day! But still as I sat in Church on Mother's Day and listened to all the other mom's that were awaiting that precious phone call I was almost sad! Don't get me wrong- I love that I get to see him every day but the spirit that he had and that gift of talking to him was something you can't find at Hallmark.

I had to laugh when I opened the card that my kids got me. Kami wrote me a sweet note, Vaughn wrote me a few lines (pretty good for a son in law), Cory signed his name next to Vaughn's note (bless his little heart), and this is what my sweet little "missionary" wrote : "Mother,(he NEVER calls me mother) my note is not going to be long and mushy like Kami's but you knew that before you opened it. But-you know I love you anyway." It was so typical of Matt but I got a good laugh out of it and a little twinge of sadness that those missionary calls are a thing of the past-at least for now.

My husband spoiled me rotten for Mother's Day this year. He was so proud of himself because he did it all on his own (usually Kami gives him a couple hints as to what to get). He bought me a new refrigerator and stove. They were greatly needed and now everything in my kitchen matches. I thought it was funny that on the radio the day before Mother's Day they were listing all the things that you should NOT get your wife for mother's day and appliances was on the list. I'm glad he didn't listen to that list! I love that he thought of something practical and was so cute about keeping it a surprise (although I did figure it out and didn't tell him). He has a hard time keeping gifts a surprise or waiting til the holiday because he is so excited. He likes to give it to you as soon as he gets it! Too funny! Anyway, a big thanks to my awesome hubby!

Anyway, I did have a great Mother's Day thanks to my little family...


Bren's Life said...

I didn't know you got a frig & stove. Cool! Do you have an ice maker for when all of us come over & use up all your ice?
I can't believe Matt's been home a yr almost.. Soon Cory will be out.