Friday, July 18, 2008

My hard workin' man!

The other day Rod read my blog and later made a comment that it seemed like my kids were most important in my life because almost everything I had written about was someone other than him! I felt really bad because I didn't mean to exclude him-the timing was just that everyone was having events in their life that I was commenting on and it just wasn't his turn yet!

Well, I realized that it was pretty important that he knows how important he is to me! He is such a hard worker! Lately it seems like that is all he has a chance to do. His phone rings constantly but I'm so grateful that he works hard for us and want him to know how much I appreciate that. He has been self employed most of our married life and that can be challenging. Never did he allow us to get in a situation where we were in trouble financially. He always managed to make things work. Sometimes it seems like his brain never turns off because he is always coming up with some new idea to improve something.

We have had our ups and downs and I want him to know that no matter what I love him and appreciate all that he does for me and our family!!!!!!


Bren's Life said...

Poor Poor Rodney.. He wanted to be famous & you were holding him back. Now he can say he's on the web! Tell him there are lots of stories about him through out my blog. I will even try to think of some more.. :)