Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What's going on here today...

Here is a survey I found on someone else's blog about what is going on here today. Want to share your day?

Outside my window: there is a constant stream of students walking to class. I love my job! (I work at a University and frequently play mom to a lot of the students)

I am thinking: I have so many things I want to get done at home and wish I wasn't at work!

I am thankful: For my hubby who lined up a carpet cleaner to clean my carpets today! What a nice surprise!!!!!!

In my kitchen: Is all the furniture from my family room so they can clean the carpets! Funny thing- Cory slept on the couch last night(which is in the middle of the kitchen) It was a funny site this morning.

I am creating: A special anniversary gift for my daughter and her husband for their first anniversary that is coming up.

I am working on: Organizing my house and being better about planning menus again.

I am wearing: My black dress with red flowers with a short sleeve red jacket. As always, my shoes are hiding under my desk until I have to leave my office.

I am reading:I just finished reading Rachel Nunes's newest book- Fields of Home. LOVED IT!!!!

I am hearing: My radio-hoping they will call my name as a winner of a trip to Disneyland! LOL- (yeah- I know- Fat chance!)

Out of the house: Kami and Vaughn are working on moving next weekend. Keep your fingers crossed! Happy Happy Day!

In my house: Guitar Hero is probably blaring right about now!

I am enjoying: The Air Conditioning


Bren's Life said...

Great survey or whatever.. I didn't know Kami was moving. Yeah for them! Did they buy or are they renting?