Monday, July 21, 2008

A few "notes" of sadness

I never realized how much my piano meant to me. But now that it has a new home with little fingers learning how to play songs on it I find myself really missing it.

I made a deal with all the MEN in my house that I should have thought through a little better! Around Christmas time all the boys in my house decided that they REALLY wanted a pool table. I had no objections to a pool table. I enjoy my boys' friends and thought it would be fun for them. I knew my husband would enjoy having something to do with the kids too. The problem was that we really didn't have room for a pool table unless we took the formal furniture and piano out of the front room. I didn't think I really played my piano all that much- usually only to accompany people that are singing in church and I can practice with them at the church for that. Right? So...the pool table came and the piano went on Craig's list and was gone pretty quickly. I actually cried when we moved it into the garage! We tried to find another place in the house for it to go but there wasn't anywhere that worked. I still look through all my music that seems pointless without a piano to play it on.

Needless to say I am realizing how often I would just go and sit at my piano and play when I was home by myself or stressed out. It calmed me. Maybe I need to take up knitting or something. Or practice harder at pool so other people don't mind playing with me. Oh how I miss my piano!


Bren's Life said...

You Goof! I can't believe you got rid of your piano... You should of moved it anywhere else possible..
Get another one.
Yes I changed my font back because Troy told me it was to hard to read the other one & I got tired of changing it over & over to not like it...
I need my little 14 yr old friend that does blogs to come back in town to help me figure out all this.

Bren's Life said...

I emailed you back.. Just so you know. When someone does comment go to their blog & comment back.. Get to know Linda & Jan on mine. They are amazing & you'd really like them. Jan has a missionary here in Gilbert. And there is a Michelle on mine that I could see you totally clicking with too. She is somewhere here too & I think grew up on your side of freeway where your parents lived. She also has a son on a mission.
Don't be shy - Say Hi to people & get to know them.. You'll make friends that you just click with & feel like you've known forever.

Bren's Life said...

I tagged you again. Now do it!!! And did you see that Linda commented on your blog?