Thursday, May 22, 2008

Class of 2008

I can't believe that my "baby" has graduated from High School. Mountain Ridge High School has seen the last of my kids! I'm sure that they (MRHS administration) are relieved! But seriously, I don't see how in the world we have gotten to this stage of life. It seems like just yesterday I was taking him to kindergarten!

Boy does time fly! Although sitting through graduation is a little on the painful side, I had to hold back the tears. It's hard to swallow that my days of fighting with him in the mornings to get him up and running to the school to sign him in if he ended up being late because he couldn't manage to get out of bed are a thing of the past.

When Cory was little he LOVED school. That lasted until about 6th grade! LOL High School was a bit of a challenge because he attended released time seminary for the first 3 years and then we realized he wouldn't have enough credits to graduate if he continued his senior year. He had to take a couple classes online which was quite a chore since he was already going to school all day and had a job and busy social life. So, needless to say graduating was more of an accomplishment than it is for most people.

I'm really proud of him. He is extremely independent and doesn't like to share a lot of his life with us which makes it hard on me. Being the "baby" he was somewhat a mama's boy when he was little but that has long worn off.

He has such a fun personality and hilarious sense of humor if you are privileged to see that side of him. We were watching home videos not long ago and he was always the one keeping everyone laughing.

I try to pick my battles and I learned long ago with my oldest that HAIR was a battle really not worth the fight. Cory's hair had gotten longer than it has ever been and I was making little comments like "aren't you hot and sweaty with your hair that long?" or "can you just trim it before graduation?" The answer was always no- so although I MUCH prefer him when I can see his eyes I chose not to push the issue. Well, I got a funny text message from him yesterday (which is rare unless he WANTS something!) It was actually a picture message of him in a barber chair with the cape around him-the message read "hair has been cut." So, I was pleasantly surprised when I received the picture and message!


Bren's Life said...

Ahh - I can't believe he's old enough to be out of H.S. And I would have to say he is still a Mamma's boy. He's always right around you at family things... Nothing wrong with that though!

gibkidsmom said...

Only reason he is always right by me is to keep telling me it's time to go!